The Best Products To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

It never seems to feel like Christmas until it smells like Christmas. If you’ve decked the halls with an artificial tree and store-bought gingerbread cookies, then you’ll need to grab some Christmas-scented products to get that holiday smell.

But what products should you use? Should you buy a traditional Christmas candle? Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for a cinnamon broom or some potpourri. There are all sorts of Christmas fragrances for your home, and some of them are overpriced or ineffective. That’s why we’ve found the best variety of affordable Christmas fragrances for anybody’s needs. You can use most of these fragrant products all year round, of course, but they’re particularly well suited for the winter holidays. And if you’re really feeling the holiday cheer, you could get some Christmas shopping out of the way for that friend with a, shall we say, less than fresh smelling home.

Aromatique Christmas Decorative Potpourri ($28)

It’s tempting to reach for a can of Febreze or a candle, but just hear me out for a second. Potpourri is severely underrated. You may remember it as the dusty crap from grandma’s house, but it’s honestly a great, low-effort way to bring the Christmas smell to your home. You just throw it in a bowl and, viola, it feels like Christmas. Aromatique’s Christmas potpourri smells especially good, and it’s affordable. Since it’s made of berries, nuts, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks, it also makes a great decoration that you can use every year.

Keep in mind that potpourri won’t spread the smell of holiday cheer throughout your entire home, you’ll need to use a diffuser or a bunch of candles for that. Potpourri also takes up some counter space and looks a little old-fashioned, which might not be the look you’re going for.

American Oak Cinnamon Broom ($20)

If you want a decorative, naturally Christmas-scented product that isn’t potpourri, then you should consider grabbing a cinnamon broom. The American Oak cinnamon broom is three feet tall, nostalgic, and full of holiday cheer. It’s easy to shove into a corner, but it also looks great when you incorporate it into your Christmas decorations. Oh, and did I mention that it smells like Christmas?

Like the potpourri, the cinnamon broom is kind of old-fashioned. It won’t get the smell of Christmas all over your house, but it can transform a kitchen or living room. They also don’t last for very long, and you can’t reuse them the way that you can reuse potpourri.

Urban Naturals Cranberry & Pine Reed Diffuser ($25)

If you’re trying to spread the smell of Christmas throughout your entire home, then you should consider buying a reed diffuser. The cranberry and pine scented reed diffuser by Urban Naturals is a no-effort, long-lasting fragrance solution. Imagine coming home to the mature, natural smells of cranberry and pine without lifting a finger. If you need to save some of the diffuser oil for later, you just take out the reeds and put the cork back on the bottle.

Reed diffusers are a great way to scent-ify your home, especially around Christmas time. Their convenience is unmatched, and you don’t have to worry about sprays, smoke, or any of that stuff. But the always-on convenience of reed diffusers means that you’ll probably get used to the smell of Christmas (but you’re guests will certainly notice it).

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