January 25, 2021

For businesses that are looking to make large shifts in their operational strategies by adding new technology, they may be looking at some problems when the technology doesn’t take as advertised. Today, we will take a look at how technology, as useful as it can be, can also be problematic if the deployment isn’t handled properly. 

Reasons to Implement Technology

Nowadays, technology implementations are consistent. It wasn’t always so, but with margins shrinking and businesses looking to improve productivity and efficiency without taking on additional payroll costs, many of them are leaning on the benefits promised by new technology. This isn’t a misguided endeavor, but in order for technology to help your business make gains, it needs to be deployed strategically and work as a tool for your existing employees and not as the be-all-end-all solution to your business’ problems. Even the most useful automation tools need to be set up and configured by human resources if they can be expected to bring their whole value to your business. 

It’s hard to deny its usefulness, of course, but anyone who uses IT consistently knows that if it isn’t deployed in a manner commensurate with the demands of your business, it can be a hindrance to productivity and, ultimately, a waste. That’s why it is extremely important that you aren’t just adding technology for technology’s sake. You may think that the newest collaboration software can help your team be more productive, but if they’ve been using a solution for some time and the new solution has many redundant features, why make a change if there isn’t some underlying reason? 

Changes in technology can take some time to acclimate to, and if you commit to technology investments that don’t immediately improve productivity or efficiency, don’t make your business’ IT resources more secure, or don’t provide you with a clear path to a healthy ROI, you’d have to question the viability of the investment. 

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How It Can Go Horribly Wrong

When looking at whether or not a technology investment is right for your business, you need to first consider your business. That leads us to our first question:

Are You Deploying the Right Tech?

When shifting gears and deploying new software, businesses often go through some growing pains. You need to successfully implement the solution, you need to train your people, and your support team needs to know how to most effectively support it. What happens, then, if you go through all the work and expense of changing software only to find out that the new software doesn’t actually improve your business? You have just wasted all that time and money to not provide the strategic potential you were expecting and, ultimately, you are going to be forced to reassess the situation you are in.

It’s not a good place to be.

If your business has older technology and you are looking to upgrade to newer, more robust technology, your best bet is to give the IT professionals at Tech Support Done Right a call at (443) 232-1139. Our knowledgeable technicians can make sure you get the right technology at the right place at the right time. 

Partially Upgrading

A lot of workers, once they get used to a certain technology, don’t want to change. That, in itself, is no reason to keep antiquated technology around. Sure, you need to train your people up, and that expense, depending on the technology, can get expensive, but to avoid recurring technology problems, you need to be able to consistently innovate. In doing so it allows you to leverage automation in ways that can really help your business. Squandering opportunities to improve your business because you are scared of recurring problems is a legitimate concern, but shouldn’t keep you from forging ahead with innovative strategies to build a more dynamic business. 

Regardless of how you view it, upgrading your technology can be extremely useful. You just have to make sure that you are diligently moving ahead with your new tech deployments. If you are looking for help implementing new and useful technologies, give our experts a call today at (443) 232-1139.