Industry Specific

IT Solutions For Animal Hospitals And Veterinarians

Serving all pet practices including hospitals, vets, boarding facilities, and more!

As you continue to transition to connected technology, offer a wider range of telehealth services, and eliminate your paper files—it’s time to upgrade your in-house IT. While Maryland’s laws regarding animal medical files aren’t as strict as human medical records, pets are precious members of the family, and their data must be protected!

Technology Solutions that Bring Agility to Your Practice.

Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider. Your IT shouldn’t get in the way. Tech Support Done Right can help improve your practice with personalized technology services.

At Tech Support Done Right, we have a thorough understanding of the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines required for health practices to successfully move into the digital age.

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Technology Solutions Designed Specifically for Your Firm

The legal profession has always relied heavily on the newest technologies. Tech Support Done Right can provide your practice with dynamic options that can save you money.

It’s a fact that lawyers are at the center of many important decisions. As with many other economic sectors nowadays, technology is becoming integral for the modern law office. Whether you are a new attorney that is just hanging out your shingle, or you are a part of a multinational firm that deals in a sea of litigation, chances are you will need to consider how advances in technology will work for your practice.

For a law office, it is often not cost effective to hire a dedicated IT staff, or even an IT guy. Most law offices rely on break-fix technology companies that not only profit off your pain, they don’t present the kind of value that is necessary to maintain all the newest, and most useful technology. At Tech Support Done Right, we do IT differently. We provide solutions for Maryland businesses for a flat monthly rate, all the while offering the newest and most reliable technologies that work for business.

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IT for Education - Expand Your Students' Horizons with Reliable IT Solutions

Utilize today’s greatest technology solutions to educate the professionals of tomorrow.

The use of technology in education keeps improving every year. The more that educators depend on technology solutions to provide their students with a quality education, the more cost-effective support they will need. At Tech Support Done Right, we understand that every academic institution has unique challenges they face to provide their students with an education that they can use to be productive members of society. With all types of hardware, software, networking, and other IT-related products, as well as Maryland’s most knowledgeable IT professionals, Tech Support Done Right is your one-stop shop for all of your educational technology needs.


Residential Computer Repair

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Technology Repair Needs

Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find a household that doesn’t have some sort of new technology. From “smart” Internet of Things devices to Internet connections, technology is everywhere you look. At Tech Support Done Right, we understand that daily life is increasingly dependent on technology, so when your technology malfunctions, you need to be able to trust the person repairing your IT. Look no further than Tech Support Done Right for the comprehensive computer repair services you need to get your computer back up and running quickly.

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IT for Accountants

Tech Support Done Right offers technology solutions to meet the needs of today’s money managers

Accountants are some of the most important people associated with a business, even though many of them aren’t employed by that business. Accountants are responsible for the collection, accuracy, analysis, recording, and presentation of a business’ financial operation. While it doesn’t take a lot of high tech business solutions to balance a ledger, the use of today’s most dynamic cloud-based financial resources can present many benefits for accountants.


IT for Nonprofits

Flat-Rate IT Services Make Comprehensive Support Possible

At Tech Support Done Right, we know that almost any business or organization can benefit from having a comprehensive plan for their IT management. Our flat-rate IT services provide a valuable solution for millions of companies, but for the nonprofit, they hold extra value. Having access to the tools and expertise that the organization wouldn’t normally be able to access provides an opportunity for nonprofits to do more good with their current budget.

IT for Nonprofits