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Serving all pet practices including hospitals, vets, boarding facilities, and more!

As you continue to transition to connected technology, offer a wider range of telehealth services, and eliminate your paper files—it’s time to upgrade your in-house IT. While Maryland’s laws regarding animal medical files aren’t as strict as human medical records, pets are precious members of the family, and their data must be protected!

Say Goodbye To Paper

If you are ready to transition to digital files Tech Support Done Right will ensure you have the software and technology to ease into this time-saving transition. We’ll create secure remote login for pet parents to fill out forms, which may be the same place they go to email you directly and video chat during your remote appointments. This includes a system that simplifies data migration.

Secure Your Data

In addition to pet medical files, you keep a wealth of sensitive data on your computers and mobile devices. This includes employee data, business data, financial data, client billing information, and payroll. Your in-house IT network is what keeps this data safe, even when you use your devices remotely.

Expand Your Pet Practice

Pet parents prefer all-in-one solutions. So, if you are considering expanding your services to include pet grooming, pet boarding, doggy daycare, telehealth, at-home visits, or 24-hour emergency hospital—a custom cloud will streamline your operations and automate some of your tasks. No need to stress about this transition, as we’ll advise you on every aspect of your custom cloud!

How Will Managed IT Help My Animal Practice?

We will help you:

• Select & integrate new software & technology—including PACS
• Create a secure in-house Internet of Things
• Secure pet telehealth devices
• Provide secure remote login
• Streamline operations with a custom cloud
• Migrate data to your custom cloud
• Maintain industry compliance & pet privacy
• Minimize downtime with a proactive approach
• Create a data backup and disaster recovery plan
• Manage IT vendors, warranties, & hardware
• Create an energy-efficient IT network
• Reduce communication expenses with VoIP
• Get you back up and running ASAP
• And more!


Our 10 Benefits

Our 10 Benefits Whitepaper

This whitepaper will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both in regards to small and medium-sized businesses.

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